Problem in update my rewards

Hello everyone, Recently I’ve been joining brave. From last week i continuously using brave browser and i also get reward but from last two days every time when i check my balance its on zero then i get ads and again start from zero but after some hour e.g one or two hours my balance again go back on zero.
My wallet also not showing my balance. Every time i see my balance in settings.
I am very confused please somebody tell me what the (h…)is this?


Shown on your last screenshot. You’ve 3.295 BAT that will be paid in the next payout. < This is not in your wallet yet, so that’s why it’s showing 0 BAT.

But in last screenshot you see that i see ads 39 BAT is 3.295 and USD is 0.72 why USD is less.

I also connect my uphold wallet but it didn’t shows anything.

usd is less because price of BAT token . google search bat price

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