I need some help with this problem, last month i got 4,107BAT but my REWARDS income is less than that. I got my wallet verified and everithing was ok before but my rewards stop at 4,107 and when the month end, my income was 1,03 and still show me that i got 4,107, if anyone knows how to fix this problem.

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You are currently earning 4.107 BAT, 1.783 BAT has been deposited into your wallet. The 4.107 (estimated) will be deposited into your wallet in an upcoming payout. Be patient, you will receive it.

I have same issue i earned 15 bat last month but just 7.2 bat sending now

Be patient. Most months I get two payouts on separate days and usually equal a tad more than what I actually earned. That may or may not be the case for everyone. Typically what the original payout shows is less than what I have earned but i do get the full amount in the end. Again, that is just my experience. Wait for a few days after you receive your deposit and then if there is a large discrepancy, talk with one of the moderators. Remember all earnings are only “Estimates” you may receive more or less.

Good to know! I had the same issue this morning and was wondering why. Thanks!

No the problem is 4,107BAT is from the last month but the earnings credited was only 1,03 and that earnings 4,107 doesn’t appear anywhere…

It takes 8 or 9 days to get the deposit.

yeah i know that, but my earnings from this month are still the same that shows me last month and doesn’t change that, no mather what i do.

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