Calculation of BAT Compared to Ads Received

Dear All,
I have been monitoring the past few days the ads received and BAT pending numbers and I noticed that it skips / missing some BAT. On my account every 2 ads I was getting an increase of 0.1 BAT. So on 68 Ads I had 3.8 BAT on 70 Ads 3.9 BAT on 73 Ads 4.0 BAT now here comes the difference on 76 Ads it should have been 4.2 BAT but it was 4.1 and on 77 it went to 4.2 BAT. Can someone from the support have a look? It seems to be some kind of bug.
Thank you

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Hi @DrYunani - thanks for writing in and for the above info! It can take a bit for the exact numbers to Update. Did you receive the correct amount from this months Ads payout?

Hi Steeven,
Iā€™m honestly not sure. That is one of the reasons I started monitoring it. Can you check it out for me?


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