What's up with BAT payouts?

I just never know what to expect anymore. My wallet always shows a 0 balance. I get my rewards on time every month. I think the 7th or 9th. They are consistently deposited, so that’s not an issue, but , seeing as it always says 0 I have no way to track it, and like this past month it says I’m getting 5 . something BAT which it should be alot more. I got 7 last month and I know for a fact I’ve had a substantially larger amout of ads and interactions this months because I was home for a few weeks and had nothing to do but mess around online. I know this system well enough. I know are should have accumulated something more along the lines of 10 BAT. But again , like I said, there’s no way to track it. That really needs to be fixed and truthfully, yall should have a running live ticker there next to our balance that shows us the rate we are earning. Because I kinda feel like I’m being ripped off and have no means to verify it.

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