Private tabs with Lokinet

There is a new onion routing protocol called Lokinet by the Oxen Privacy Technology Foundation. It is much faster than Tor in my experience, and Service nodes as they are called, are paid in Oxen for their service. The only thing that is lacking are a diversity of exit nodes. (there are four listed on the wiki) The Brave company might want to host their own service node with exit support for brave users. It is also Sybil attack resistant through a process of staking needed to join the service node network. As I am writing this, there are 1759 service nodes in active service. The main upside with Lokinet versus Tor is that Lokinet is IPv4 based, rather than TCP/IPv4 based, so it is closer to a general purpose VPN in that regard. The Project has seen rapid development, with the latest version being 0.9.5. The Brave devs ought to look into it.