Just a couple of basic questions about Brave/Tor

  1. It is possible to see the Tor routing for a tab in some way and to get a new one (as in Tor itself).

  2. Why the extra CAPCHA step for a lot of sits?

No complaints. I still use Tor and love Brave for its other features.
I’d just like to understand how it works.

  1. I don’t believe you can see the routing (‘circuit’) for a given tab or connection. But you can request a new one in the menu, click on ‘New Tor Connection For This Site’.

  2. Not an expert here, but I think it’s likely that many sites and providers see a lot of abuse coming from Tor exit nodes and so put speedbumps in the way to reduce that.

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The first question answered. Thanks.

Clarification, My second question relates to Tor with Brave, for sites that do not do this in the Firefox based Tor application.