Private and Tor Tabs removed

I see the ability to open pages in a private tab and private tab with Tor have been removed and replaced with open in a new window. This is a serious retrograde step. I will not use the new browser as a result of this, as it was the main reason I was using it. I also don’t have any extensions available except for Adobe reader (I only used one extensions, but it’s no longer there), and I can’t add any new ones as there is no option to do so. Big thumbs down, and now uninstalling the browser.

Hi @fhm

You can install extension from Chrome Web Store dor now.

Where is the link to the store? I can’t see it anywhere.

Do you know where I can get the old browser as my old one is uninstalled, and I would like the private tab feature back?

I found the old browser.

Session tabs gone too!

I’m also missing the session tab, and private tab. Please bring this back!

+1 . Session Tabs were amazing. Killer feature. Also mixing different tabs in one window was much better than having separate windows.


I’m having the same issue!

I would be really thankful if anyone can show me how to do it.

I tried Googling but unfortunately I can’t find any working solution and this source ( is the closest I could come to finding it.