Print from System Dialog instead

Please provide a “Setting” that allows to ALWAYS use the System “Print” dialog instead of the Brave dialog.

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There is a Feature Request for this for macOS (with some comments to include for windows).

It is an older topic and only has 3 votes. You could go vote on that request though. I have seen posts by Brave staff that the dev team does read the Feedback and Feature Request categories. Doesn’t mean the feature will be implemented but couldn’t hurt to vote and let them know there is still interest in this feature!

This is a pinned topic about the Feature Request/Desktop Requests category.

There is also an open Brave GitHub issue report about this. Posted link below. Again, it has been open a while with no movement and it is backlogged, but at least it is still open!

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Wow, THANK you, Chocoholic! I didn’t even know cmd-option-p was a thing! That will probably help until this suggestion is picked up by dev.

I’ll visit said topics and do what I can to keep them alive.

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You are welcome! I am glad it helped. :smiley:

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