macOS: Cannot print multiple documents using system dialog

Description of the issue:

I can print one browser document in Brave using the system dialog, but if I try to use it again, the feature to invoke the system dialog locks up.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Bring up a document in Brave
  2. Select Print (Cmd-P). This brings up Brave’s Print screen. Click on “More settings”. Click on “Print using system dialog”. The system dialog comes up. Click “Print” on the system dialog.
  3. Bring up a different document in Brave.
  4. Attempt to print 2nd document (Cmd-P). Brave’s Print screen comes up. Click on “More settings”. Click on “Print using system dialog”.

In my case, this is where the failure occurs. Brave puts a little “swirl” next to “Print using system dialog”, but the system dialog never comes up again. Brave just sits there and waits whenever I try to bring up the system dialog. I can cancel out of Brave’s Print screen. The rest of the browser continues to work fine, but I can’t use the system Print dialog again without quitting out of Brave, and restarting it.

Expected result:

On step #4, I expect that the system print dialog will come up again, and I can select options, and print.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.40.113

Additional Information:

A workaround I use in the meantime is when I get into Brave’s print screen, I click on “More settings”, and then click on “Open PDF in Preview”, and I print from Preview, instead (Cmd-P). This has worked reliably, and does not cause a problem for Brave. It feels like jumping through some hoops, though.


Your: ‘click on “Open PDF in Preview”, and I print from Preview’

indicates, that your topic issue is actually:

‘Cannot print PDF files in succession, using Brave Browser > Mac OS System Print Dialog’

Assuming that you are not using any PDF Extension . . .

Check your settings . . .

  • Set/toggle: brave://settings/?search=save+each
  • Set/toggle: brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments

PDF test files:

You might use the Printer icon in the Brave Browser PDF Preview window, or Right-Click on the Preview of the PDF file.

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