Feature: option to make macOS system print dialog the default

I prefer using the macOS system print dialog rather than the Chromium print dialog. It would be nice if I could set that to be the thing it used when I hit “command-p” rather than having to remember to use “command-option-p” in Brave.


I know this option exists for Chrome on Mac OS, with a Terminal workaround:

defaults write com.google.Chrome DisablePrintPreview -bool true

The issue for me is that I don’t know (well, much about this in general) what file or whatever to target to adjust this in Brave. com.google.Brave? That can’t be right.

Does anybody have an idea how to manage this through command-line defaults?

I don’t want to have to expand the print window and click Print Using the System Dialog every time I want to print. Is an option coming to Settings to make “Print Using the System Dialog” the default for every print request from Brave?
Thanks, John

While this would be much friendlier with a setting somewhere, the following work-around seems to work on Brave:

defaults write com.brave.Browser DisablePrintPreview -bool true

I found that domain by running defaults find brave |head and it turns out that the first line of the output tells me the domain.

[myusername:~] % defaults find brave |head
Found 15 keys in domain 'com.brave.Browser': {
    DisablePrintPreview = 1;
    LastRunAppBundlePath = "/Applications/Brave Browser.app";
    NSNavLastRootDirectory = "~/Desktop";
    NSNavLastUserSetHideExtensionButtonState = 1;

This is the output after running the above command; without it, I think the DisablePrintPreview wouldn’t be there.

That works perfectly! Thanks very much for looking into this

NOTE: if you do this, a strange side-effect is that Brave (like Chrome), will start reporting that the browser is “managed by your organization” in the application menu and the About Brave window.