Print dialog function

One of the greatest improvements to Brave – for my purposes – was the addition of the large format print preview function we got a few months back.
The change that was just made this week to a smaller print preview is a “downgrade” not an “upgrade” from my perspective. It makes the print and other visual features on the preview too small. Personally, I print from Brave constantly throughout the business day for multiple purposes and need to be able to clearly read and see the preview in order to make the adjustments (custom sizing, print or not print background graphics, etc.) to print information sheets for customers from HTML documents and for all kinds of purposes. The smaller size preview may be fine for a lot of general printing. But for fine-tweaking pages that I use as hand outs, the print and the graphics are just too small in the new smaller print preview function. Is there a way in SETTINGS to switch back to the larger Print Preview dialog window that we had prior to a couple of days ago?

I think that’s a Chromium-related “update”. I saw the same thing in Vivaldi.