Prevent closing of last tab from closing entire browser

What title says. Why is Opera THE ONLY browser in existence that doesn’t do this idiocy? If I want to close a bloody browser, there is an X button in the top right corner with this exact purpose. Clicking X on the last existing tab in the browser should just close the page on it and leave a blank tab in place of it. Or the Brave Home page or whatever. Just not close the damn browser entirely.

Chrome brought this dumb feature and afterwards, everyone just copied it like absolute retards. Even Firefox that didn’t behave this way. Then again they also copied entire Chrome theme back in the day. Can Brave just not be a Chrome copycat please, even though it’s based on its engine?


Thanks for the feedback. We already have an open issue for this:

I’ve added your feedback and a +1 on your behalf (and mine – I agree!).

In the future, please be mindful of the way in which you ask, request or otherwise interact with other staff and users on this forum. No need for rudeness – we’re all in this together :slight_smile: