Do not exit closing last tab

How to?

Coming from Firefox.


Hello @adsn

not sure if i got you but do you mean that brave work in background after you close last tab or what

if yes then

make sure this Continue running background apps when Brave is closed is disabled

Hello @justsomeone1

I mean that Brave does not quit/close/exit the window if I close the one/last remaining tab. Instead, open a new default (dashboad?) tab.

In Firefox: about:config -> browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab - > FALSE

BTW, great browser, probably I will move.

Hello @adsn

from my side it close when i close the last opened tabbed

could you disable all extension and try again

The same here, just what I pretend to avoid. I don’t want brave to close.

Brave is just installed.

now i got you
you do not want brave to close when you close the last tab

i think you can use extension from web store as i do not know if there any option

An extension just for that?

Is there any way to request features?

Ok, maybe here:

i found this post

and of course you can request a feature

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Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

you welcome :slight_smile: