Custom search engine selection

I would like to request that on the android app an option is provided for the user to enter their own preferred search engine.
It is possible on the windows desktop version of Brave.
I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to add to the app and it would increase customer satisfaction quite a bit.
I like everything about Brave so far! The desktop version is great, I got my favorite seach engine -which is Swisscows-set as the default on there quite quickly. I like the options of the less common search engines available, however it is incredibly inconvenient trying to use swisscows on my android phone as I cannot set it as a search engine nor can I set new tabs to open as the swisscows home page.

Users of a browser like Brave are the type of people who like to use multiple search engines or more uncommon search engines. I believe that adding this feature to the android app would increase the amount of people who keep using the app after downloading it.
I think having more similarity between the desktop and mobile versions would help people as well. I am using Brave on both my phone and computer and it is nicer when things work relatively the same between devices.

Well this is interesting. I have been using Swisscows and Searx for a couple days on my android phone by going to their home pages manually. I checked again if they were an option to set as a default before making this request and they were not. I checked again today and they were! Just took a couple days I guess?
So for anyone who has the same issue and found this request by searching just try typing in your prefferred search engines url and using it a few times. Then go to the settings the next day or something and check if it pops up as an option to set as your default.

This customizing feature would still be great to add as an option to the android app so that new users like me do not get confused or think that they cannot use the search engine they like. Just a box at the bottom of the list to add your own like there is on the desktop browser.