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My post got flagged and hidden 3 days ago. Can a mod please take a look please?

Here is the hidden post.

Because it’s a simple answer. Brave browser/adblocks cannot block twitch ads. I don’t know of any adblock that blocks twitch ads

@sirlancealot77 unflagged

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You’re the best :slight_smile: @steeven

Let’s move this to the other thread.

I’m aware Brave can’t block Twitch ads. That wasn’t the purpose of the thread. However it seems Brave is blocking the network call that tells Twitch I am a Turbo subscriber when shields are active.

I also posted a bug report that has been flagged as “spam” regarding issues on Twitch. I’m aware that Brave can’t block twitch ads, but having Shields enabled re-enables ads for channels that you have subscribed to (paid for no ads).

They can’t block Twitch ads? I’ve never seen one on it.

Sorry for another message here - but I’d rather not make a whole new post about this and would like to ask if you could please take a look at my bug report and unflag it, it certainly wasn’t spam.

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