Brave Blocking Twitch Turbo

Starting Thursday November 11th it seems has introduced something new to their website that is affecting Twitch Turbo which is a paid service to not see ads on their platform. I currently am a Turbo Subscriber and with Brave Shields on. There seems to be an issue with having Shields enabled and Twitch Turbo. When I turn my shields off the ads seem to not be played. Which is the expected behavior of Twitch Turbo. However when I turn the Shields back on I start seeing ads again. Which is not the expected behavior of Twitch Turbo or Brave Shields.

I know in the past you guys have said it is not possible to block Twitch ads via brave browser. This post is to identify what is causing Brave to block the callout to twitch letting it know that I have Turbo and the ads should not be played.


Some additional content seems to point to Brave blocking a call out to Twitch to verify if the user is a Turbo subscriber.

I don’t think Brave should block this. Since the purpose of subscribing to Turbo is to remove ads.

Is there a way not to block the verification process of Twitch Turbo without turning off shields all together in Brave.

Ublock Origin doesn’t seem do this, but Brave does.

It not only blocks Turbo subscriptions (I wasn’t aware of that), but having Shields enabled now re-enables ads on channels you have normally subscribed to (paid to remove ads for). I posted a bug report a day or so ago about this but it has been flagged as “spam” for review - I would appreciate if a staff member could unflag it.

I’m aware normal Twitch ads cannot be blocked but Shields are definitely not meant to make ads that you have paid to remove come back again, also this is a new development that has only started to happen in the last few days, it never used to do it. Not sure if it was an update from Brave or Twitch that caused it though

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