Bug Report Mis-Flagged as Spam - Still Not Reviewed/Hidden

Hi, I reported a bug a few days ago because Brave Shields have recently started re-enabling ads for channels that I have subscribed to (paid for no ads) on Twitch.

The report was flagged as “spam” awaiting review, but it still hasn’t been a few days later. It was definitely not spam - I followed the format and included all relevant information. I’d appreciate if a staff member could take a quick look, thanks.

Here is the link to the thread: https://community.brave.com/t/brave-shields-breaking-twitchs-official-removal-of-ads-for-subbed-stream/302240/1

As a final note: yes I am aware that Twitch has stopped AdBlocks from disabling ads on their site, but Brave is clearly not meant to turn ads that I paid to remove back on.

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