Ads not blocked on

Description of the issue:

When trying to watch streams on ads still go through even with the shields being up. Sometimes the ads interrupt a stream which is a real annoyance.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

I dont think i’ve ever really touched the shields, they work fine everywhere else right out of the box. If it’s not broken I prefer just leaving it be.

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

Well, yes. Without the shields I expect Brave to not block ads.

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (no):

Im pretty sure I left the shields on their defaults

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?

I haven’t used google chrome in over 10 years.

Brave version (check About Brave):

Version 1.38.119 Chromium: 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

All in all besides this one annoyance using Brave has been really good. I like the browser a lot. I tried looking if this topic was made before but all I could see topics that got one response from someone saying they had the same thing before it being closed due to not getting a response.

Does the default adblocker in brave work different from others? I’ve never had this problem with other browsers and adblock addons.

Honestly getting an add every 10 minutes is worse than some TV channels. Is there anything I can do to block the ads or should I just use Twitch on my fallback browser for now?

No proper way to filter video ads in, some of the current ad blocking methods cause issues with playback. Which is why we’re waiting on more robust methods to counter them. @Friendly

Youtube ads are much easier to filter out compared to twitch, twitch needs its own seperate filtering methods compared to YT.

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