Any solution for Brave to block Twitch ads?

Youtube ads no longer appear but they still appear on Twitch. Any solution? Thank you.

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no it takes time for Brave to update their Adblock to counter Twitch/Youtubes Adblock detection software, you can try download another Adblock and maybe that one will be up to date but i fear this will be the new normal

Twitch ads are embedded, so they are impossible to block, you have to pay subscriptions to stop getting them. It is obvious why Twitch made this approach, to make Adblockers impossible to block ads.

No adblocker can do anything about it, and this has nothing to do with what Youtube is doing on their side. The way anti-adblocker work is to check if a network connection is being blocked or an HTML element being hidden, and then assume you are using an adblocker. They don’t know it is an adblocker, but they assume it because blocking network requests and hiding html elements = cosmetics are adblocking basic behaviors.

Now, about Twitch, you can get all the solutions there.

Currently the best way to do it is to use extensions that use the Proxy method, what that method does is to use a proxy and connect to a place where Twitch ads are yet to be implemented, that means, you won’t see ads because ads are not there, not because they are getting blocked.

As you can see they have two scripts, VAFT and Video-Swap-New, these are scriptlet injections or userscripts, all they do is to reduce the resolution of the video to 360p while the ads are going through and then go back to full quality after they are over. I don’t know if this method words for everyone, I don’t think you get ads for 360p videos… apparently, in my case I don’t.
The problem is to use these scripts inside Brave, you have to modify Brave’s resources file, and add it manually and every new update you have to add it back.
That’s what I do and works fine.

You can also use uBlock, tampermonkey or anything like that, but in the end, it seems that using the extensions and the proxy methods is easier and better since in years it has worked.
Of course, the cons about using a Proxy is that you don’t know what place you are really connecting to, is it a good or a bad proxy? also it causes some issues when connecting because connection will not be 100% stable.

So Brave adblocker can do it, but doing it requires work even if it works fine. Someday Brave will add the feature of being able to use our own scriptlets, but for now ‘hacking’ Brave is required for that.

Again, no adblocker will work (or out of the box), so don’t listen to ‘download another adblock’ Twitch as have been embedded for years and any update they do can break the scriptlets like have happened for many, that’s why the proxy is recommended even with all its cons.
Brave adblocker can do 96% of things uBlock does, and in this case, the issue is not the adblocker or a missing rule.

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use this extension Stream Cleaner from chrome web store, no need to pay. It works and it is free.

not true. on firefox ublock will block the ad so you only see a purple screen and not the ad. this doesn’t happen in Brave, so brave is far behind

hello @fanboynz, The new adblock filter in Brave Experimental Adblock Rules Sheilds work very well. It is blocking ads on twitch. Thank you.