Do what when windows don't display following a crash and restart

Crashes in Brave occur rarely. But when they do, following a restart, the WINDOW dropdown menu never displays all the windows/tabs that had been open.

Current solution for that: I use the tab organizer extension, TABLI, and it does display all of the windows and their respective tabs. Once I select a window or tab in TABLI, it’s back in Brave’s WINDOW dropdown as well.

However, if I was not using TABLI, I wonder whether there is any other way I’d be able to access the windows that don’t display in the WINDOWS dropdown. (After all, they’re still ‘there’ – they’re just not displaying.)

Is there any?


Brave (Beta) for Mac
Version 1.43.79 Chromium: 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) beta (x86_64)

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Hi @mk7z thanks for sharing the above.

Do you see this crashing on other versions of Brave? (Brave Release or Nightly)
Also it appears you’re running an older version of Beta, could you kindly update to v1.44.86 and let me know if this is still happening?


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Thanks @SaltyBanana. I don’t normally use more than one version of Brave, and for a while that’s been Beta.

I’ll install the Beta update, but this is a longstanding issue that’s persisted through every new Brave version. I’m pretty sure it was happening even when I was using the Release version (instead of Beta).

Unfortunately, I won’t have a way of testing the effect of updating (or any other possible ‘cure’) until I experience another crash. That’s the only time that the issue occurs. In normal circumstances, all open windows do display in the Window dropdown.

Hi thanks @mk7z for your reply.

When you do experience another crash could you share one of the following:

If you’re able to open the browser without crashing:
Send a DM of your Crash ID (found at brave://crashes/) to me

If the browser crashes on start, you can go to your file directory AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Beta\User Data\Crashpad\reports
You can send .dmp files through any file sharing program you use and send that to me.


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OK @SaltyBanana, will do.

For what it may be worth, it’s occurred to me that Brave may not actually view what happened in my case as a ‘crash’. I don’t see it in the list of crashes at brave://crashes/.

Brave didn’t freeze up, it just refused to ‘quit’ prior to an intended system ‘restart’. I had to ‘force quit’ it.

When I reopened Brave, a prompt informed me that Brave had not closed down properly, and asked whether I wanted to ‘Restore’ the prior session.

Does that make any difference re the troubleshooting?


ping…ping…ping…ping ⭆ ⭆ ⭆ @SaltyBanana
Would what I described in my last post be considered a ‘crash’?

If not, there would be no crash report to send, which would mean that what I reported (open windows not displaying in Window dropdown) would have to be investigated in some other way.


@SaltyBanana, I have experienced the same issue again.

As with the prior incident, Brave doesn’t seem to view this circumstance as a ‘crash,’ as there is no entry on the ‘crashes’ webpage. I again had to resort to ‘Force quit’ and, as with the prior occurrence, a ‘Brave did not shut down properly’ message appeared on-screen when I reloaded Brave.

For what information value they may have, below are two screenshots of the system status when BRAVE refused to quit.

These were taken 16 minutes after I had first tried to ‘quit’ BRAVE. The ‘Force Quit’ occurred approximately 20 minutes after I had attempted to ‘quit’ BRAVE.





Screenshots taken just prior to executing a ‘Force Quit’ after a 20 minute wait for Brave to ‘Quit’ normally.

Pasted Graphic 1

@SaltyBanana Why the silence?

The issue remains, whether or not it is technically from a ‘crash’ or not.

Hi @mk7z deepest apologies that I haven’t gotten back to you on this issue.

I don’t fully understand the issue you have presented? Could you further elaborate?


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