Possible to increase 5 ads an hour limit?

It would be great if it was possible to get more than 5 ads per hour. An increase of this limitation would give people who want to have more ads the opportunity to earn more BAT and at the same time support the Brave Economy by increased ad sales.
Just an idea :slight_smile: don’t know if this is possible

Having more would unbalance the BAT system IMO. Some already aren’t even getting any ads. 5 is the perfect max.


Yeah that’s true :neutral_face:
Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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Aggreed with @AsAboveSoBelow. IMHO 5 ads per hour is the right limit @someuser1 . Brave Ads is designed to give you less but relevant ads – and you get rewarded for your attention.

Users in countries that have more ads campaign already receive more BAT. And I think it’ll become better when more and more advertisers is running their campaign in Brave platform. Not by increasing the setting.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Well, you earn on new tab pages (every 4th one is a sponsored image). Not sure how that all works but I think as time goes on, there will be more ways added. 5 is a solid limit… Thats 1x ad per 12 minutes and as an advertiser, the limit adds value to placements. Though 1x per 10 minutes (6x ads per hour) would be equivalent for practical psychological purposes.

More ads per hour would probably only happen if ad placement demand far outpaces browser / viewer supply.

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Thant’s true. The problem is that I don’t get sponsored images :sweat_smile:
So if someone has an idea how to fix it please comment on this post: Don't get sponsored images in new tabs
Thanks :slight_smile:

Turkey 5 hours of ad impressions have advertising options for the new start. However, 5 ads per hour are not displayed. Brave ads in incoming ads. So an ad belonging to a different brand or product representation is not now in Turkey. When the ad comes to advertise Brave’s own pages, the bat counter rewards when there are 2 ad impressions. Is it normal to work this way? @eljuno @Asad thanks. :wink:

hi community. Ad exposure has not been for 1 week. Turkey has just begun, there is a problem? By the way, I can’t get a response from Brave support team. What’s the problem? @eljuno @Asad thanks. :wink: