Rewards no longer issued


I’m aware that this may have already been highlighted, but I’m unable to find any positive solutions…

Within 2hrs after launching Brave on my desktop and mobile device, everything was working well (5 ads per hour).
Then everything just ground to a halt. I receive 1 advert per day now if I’m lucky.

Does BAT/Brave purposely limit your rewards or are there only so many limited ads?


‘Up to 5 ads per hour’ could mean 0 ads per hour. There are hourly and daily limits, and there are limits on how often a certain ad will be shown to you depending on the advertiser’s settings. In addition, the number of ads you receive very much depends on which country you’re in.

To see how many ad campaigns are available in your country check here:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

So the chances of receiving 25BAT this year is incredibly minimal :frowning:

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