I don't get 5 ads per hour, even if I'm surfing

Hello :slight_smile:

Why don’t I get 5 ads per hours, as I set ?
there are many ads but not thoose wich give BAT ! :confused:


It’s is because I get a problem with Brave’s symbol ? Capture

Thank you and sorry for my english !

The issue with the BAT icon in the address bar is already known and should be resolved in the next browser update.

The reason you’re not seeing five ads per hour is because the setting your adjusting does not control how many ads youwill see every hour – taken from our Ads FAQ page:

I set Ads to display X ads per hour - why am I not receiving X ads per hour?

Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor.

That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X , inclusive.

Thank you @Mattches !

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