Voting! brave rewards max 15 ads per hour

Vote here to have 15 ads per hour!!! MORE BAT!!! Together we will get 50 votes.

I don’t get 10 per hour. I wish I had 10 per hour every hour :slight_smile:


I am getting 4 0r 5 pop up ads a day, you are taking about 15 ads per hour


Maybe this would change to 5-10 per day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Count my vote for approval.

hahaha. omg :thinking: that will never happen. I only receive a maximum of 5 ads per day :money_mouth_face:

I think that this feature isn’t going to give any real difference, as advertisements that are being served to you depend upon the no of advertisement campaigns. As of now, there aren’t many numbers of advertisements to be displayed unless we show the same ads over and over again, this, in turn, isn’t beneficial for the company that gave the ads in the first place. So my point is that until or unless there is an increase in the number of unique ads, there’s no need for increasing the no of ads that’s being displayed as they won’t have any difference.