Possible to give option to remove grey circles from site logos on tabs?

There is a issue with the new feature of putting a grey circle in the tabs. If someone has many tabs open then site logos become important for identification. The grey circle in the site logos is at best a distraction, at worst can make people misidentify tabs.

If some people appreciate the feature could you make it a selectable option in the settings? (like how dark mode/light mode is selectable)

There are probably better ways to indicate something like this. Maybe via the background color of the whole tab, changing it slightly, like a shadow or change the border line of the tab. That would allow for an indication without compromising anything else.

Personally If tabs are not being used in the browser they are a low priority for me. If that tab needs to be used at some point the page will have to be clicked on and reloaded regardless of the indicator showing or not.

Brave browser has been my go-to browser over the years due the experience and what values it stands for. It would be unfortunate if i had to use an another browser to avoid these issues.

I’m not sure what you’re speaking about. Would you be able to show a screenshot? For example:

It focuses on site logo. The more tabs I create, the more it focuses on the site logo:

Also, it helps if you can provide more details. For example:

  • Which version of Brave are you using?
  • Which OS?
  • What are you doing in order to see what you’re speaking of?
  • Which version of Brave are you using? 1.64.109
  • Which OS? Win 11, but doubt this matters
  • What are you doing in order to see what you’re speaking of? Have enabled memory saver feature: Menu → Settings → System → Performance → Memory Saver on.

Then wait for a tab to become inactive. Circle makes identifying a tab is very difficult. More info: Remove new circles around tab favicons?

I was using the latest version of brave on mac os on a mac mini. sorry the thing i was refering to were the tab favicons. Other people have complained about it.

Can you show us a screenshot?

Their screenshots all were at Remove new circles around tab favicons?

Had to enable the feature and wait quite a while but now I do see what you’re describing:

I know that this is a feature inherited from Chromium so it’s not something we implemented ourselves. Let me reach out to our devs about this — will likely open a feature request for this.

Will reply back here when I have more information.

I’ve opened an issue to remove the rings but cannot guarantee that this particular issue will be prioritized:

Just a reminder that this only occurs when the Memory saver feature is enabled.

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Ok thanks for the explanation. Glad it can be turned off and i was enjoying brave browser.