Inactive tab favicons too small


I’ve noticed that inactive tabs have circles around the favicons now, which makes the icons very tiny and unreadable. I don’t have the best eyesight and now I can’t distinguish between the tabs anymore.

Is there a setting or flag I can change to have the full-sized favicos back? I’d really appreciate some help!


I agree. Please provide an option to use the old style for inactive favicons. Otherwise I will have to switch to another (inferior) browser like firefox just to be able to see the inactive tabs


Yes, this is a problem. I seriously dislike the way they have done this. There was nothing wrong with the way it originally was.


This infuriating feature is also present on the Chrome browser which I use for gmail/youtube only. May have to go there to complain.

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Thanks for letting me know!

Yep, same here. I’d rather have sleeping tabs indicated by…well…the way there were. Got to admit though, I’m getting used to those tiny circled icons and memorizing the “new” look of each tab/website.

No, small tab size is great because it means more space for content

Tab sizes don’t change at all, what are you talking about?

Personal preference. I care for content but rather have everything visible and instantly accessible. So content visibility is not the first priority for me. But that’s me. Therefore: would be great if we could switch this on and off.

In my case: I always have 50+ tabs open per named windows of which I have multiple. I can’t distinguish tabs anymore so this is a major issue for me.

(I wouldn’t mind not having any indication that tabs are a sleep btw.)

Hello friends.

Navigate to: chrome://flags/#memory-saver-discarded-tab-treatment
And select whatever option you prefer. I have it disabled now and my favicons are now legible.


I completely agree! I can’t recognize what the tab is anymore and this completely defeats leaving it up in the first place :slight_smile:

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