Is there a way back to the previous look of the tabs? (solved)

I hate the new look of the tabs. In fact, I fled Firefox when they introduced this type of tabs (buttons), not to find them here.

If anyone can tell me how to disable this new interface that arrived without my consent.

I’ve figured out how to modify Firefox to get my good old tabs back. Are there any such solutions for Brave? If not, I’ll go elsewhere, as I’ve done in the past.

I tried to download a new theme but the problem was still there…


in url type brave://flags/
in search bar type ‘brave-horizontal-tabs-update’.
in the drop down menu select ‘Default (Disabled)’.
Relaunch Brave browser.
It should be back to normal.


by the way, I’d use that new look if tabs had a better contrast AND there’s a single switch to turn on/off this new UI. It’s the same problem with FakeFox and its Proton UI. That’s why Nidori is eating FakeFox’s cake.

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Thanks a lot, it works fine.

This setting should be added in the general settings and not hidden like that…


Thanks, just what I was looking for.
I don’t know what the deal is with this trend to have bigger UI fonts and buttons, but i hate it.
I bought a larger monitor for more desktop real-estate, not so that devs can fill it up with huge fonts for everything.
Please Brave devs, lead the way in stopping this abomination of a trend.


And many others as well, my friend.

I think it’s not a Chrome shite, and did not have this feature as far as I looked in to.

Yes, contrast (in dark mode at least) is quite poor

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Can’t find it on android, please can someone help? Hate this new tabs group

It depend of the app you downloaded. The private browsing brave wont have a “brave://flags/” access but the full version (beta) does.

The thing is that there isn’t the same variables in android identical as in desktop versions. Perhap’s you can search “tabs” and see if there is something for your problem…

This drove me nuts. I couldn’t figure out why it changed and how to revert. Even the screenshots of the browser on show the old tab design. I thought I was going insane and had something wrong causing it to display like Firefox.


Did the flag work for you?

I made a comparison between both tab versions - the new ugly tab islands and the old REAL tabs, inspired by actual folder tabs.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the new tabs take up more real estate space and less of the page is visible for absolutely no good reason. This is why I think the new tabs look is useless and redundant, no need to try and catch fads. Tab islands are ugly, oversized for no good reason and functionally inferior to REAL tabs.

EDIT: After I inspected my screenshot comparison, I also find out the new tab islands display less text from the tab’s title or webpage title compared to the old tabs. Another reason to disable them and throw them into oblivion and return the old tabs.

Brave team, consider a) adding an option in Settings to pick between both; b) revert to the old tabs look, this one is not needed.


Funny enough this is the standard in Vivaldi Browser, and works fine, but it’s Vivaldi what we’re talking about…

Just going to +1 this sentiment. Really dislike the new design. Please do not force this in the future.


Signed up to add a feature request for this :slight_smile:


+1 from me for this hideous “tab” design. It doesn’t even make sense from a UX perspective. Now it’s just a random button.

A tab should be visually connected to its contents, instead of just floating about somewhere. The idea is it represents a manila folder from the real world. It helps tie the title of the content together with the content. This redesign achieves nothing and is entirely meaningless and confusing to people that aren’t used to browsers already. Please, change it back.


Thank you. That helps a lot :smiley:

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Did not seem to work for me, but maybe my issue is different than what is solved by changing this flag. My browser tab icons change to a round circle that become unintelligible and useless. The tabs on the left in my image are the ‘old’ tabs, those on the right are what happens to certain tabs over time, which is what I want to eliminate! Thoughts?

try this…
go to brave://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip and select “tabs do not shrinnk”
and later select ‘enabled’ in brave://flags/#tab-scrolling-button-position
relaunch brave, and your tabs not only will not shrink but also improving visibility.