Search Tab circle in top right

how do i get rid of the circle with a upside down triangle that when opened it says “search tabs” and how open tabs and recently opened tabs???

Hey @jlhillhouse !

Can you send a screenshot of what you are talking about specifically?

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There’s an issue logged for this here

Thank you

eljuno Community Moderator
May 31

There’s an issue logged for this here

Surface setting to enable/disable search tabs button

opened 06:43PM - 20 May 21 UTC

OS/Desktop design feature/settings feature/tabs-bar priority/P3

## Description ![image]( Chrome has removed this flag in Chromium v91.0.4472.77. Some of our users lean more towards "minimalists" and would prefer the option to hide/disable this option if possible. cc @rebron

any word on disabling this unwanted doodad?

No, none (that are meaningful on how to replace search engines that you have removed either.

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