Popup ads on https://rarbgway.org/

I get popup ads on https://rarbgway.org/

It’s one of those ads when you click anywhere on the screen and you get add on new tab. I’ll be happy if someone could look into it.

Which platform are you on?

Just test in Brave desktop release, ads/trackers=aggressive, (Version 1.20.103) I didn’t see any popups so far?

I’m on Version 1.20.103 on windows brave. I think rarbg shows ads only three times/day. I get 3 popups and then I don’t receive them anymore. I’ll try get differnt IP address and record screen

I’m getting 2 blocked items in shields, are you seeing anything being blocked?


Also what popup urls are coming up?

Brave blocked


I now can’t get more ads it’s only at the beginning like first 3 times every other click is popup. I don’t know which url it shows me ads because it’s redirected me but if I look in my history I got urls shown below.

I think this is the first link that redirected me to other websites. And be carefull opening those links because I don’t know what’s running in the background… Maybe for safety open it in VM or something

I think https://weaveradrenaline.com need to be added to the easylist because I don’t see him there. I will test more tomorrow and upcoming days if I got more popus and report here. Also in the first link it can be seen which movie I wanted to download (luckily I live in a country that will not pursue me because of this) but it could affect users privacy

Here is also a recording of an popup ad that shows up. waveradrenaline.com is displaying ads as I said before… Please add it to the easylist

I’ll take a look over the weekend, see if there is a way to fix it.

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Was a bug in Release, Fixed in Nightly and so to land on Beta.

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