Pop up ads with brave rewards off

Keep getting ads with brave rewards off and the ads are one of those adult ones, how can I get rid of them? and my device is an iphone


The ads you receive is not sent by brave …you visited some sites and you by mistake tap on the allow notification pop up sent by the website…this is the reason…

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How do you think I can fix it so I don’t get it anymore? And thanks for the reply

These type of ads

Settings > site settings > notification > reset it or block the website which is sending you ad notification …this is for android and i think it is very similar for ios too

Nope this method doesn’t for iPhones :pensive:

In settings …search something about notification related option

My brave settings doesn’t have a notification option

That’s clearly not a Brave Ads. Rewards is no longer available for iOS users. :thinking:

And Brave Ads only appears as a notification and only when Rewards enabled.

Did you get the pop-up when visiting a website? Or else? A short recording will be helpful to help us see the behavior on your end.

Most likely a malicious page/site.

You can turn it 5 to 1 per ad hour

Here’s a pic of the type of ads I get and after I click on the x it usually comes back after like 5 seconds

And I checked my history this comes up

This is not brave browser add.brave browser ads comes always with brave logo

When you visit any site you can turn off websites adds by Clicking on brave logo

I have that on but they still pop up :pensive:

Can you check after clear data of your history

Already done that it doesn’t work, I tried deleting the app it also doesn’t work it’s still popping up :sob:

Thanks for the screenshots @Lynard . Let me tagging @fanboynz from the team for assistance with this.

EDIT: And can you make sure you have Brave Shields enabled for that site? Brave icon in URL bar.

Yup I have the brave shield on thanks

Which website is this from?