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Hi all,

When i’m browsing on my mobile phone, with Brave i sometimes get a pop-up ad to some site. When i press it, it will send me to that site, but it won’t count as an ad. Are ads different or do i have something wrong in my settings? Earning and ads are both ‘on’.

How can i recognice an ad and whats the different between ads and pop-ups?

I have got the newest version of Brave. As an app on my iPhone X.

Living in The Netherlands

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Hi @Thomasakker,

Thanks for reporting!

It can take a bit for the confirmed ads viewed to update.

Can you PM me your rewards internal info? I can help to take a closer look.

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Hi, another question. Is it possible i can’t find any ‘recovery key’ on iPhone? I just found one on the computer. Are these the same?

Your desktop and mobile Rewards wallet is two separate wallets @Thomasakker. https://brave.com/faq/#brave-personas

Brave Rewards for mobile (Android, iOS) is in active development. Many features still missing compared to the desktop version like recovery key, etc.


Another issue, my safed logins don’t come up when i need them. Still have to click on passwords in stead of autofill. Anyone else?

I’m not getting any ads on desktop. Whole day online on the internet and using it. Ad free is great, but would like to recieve some BAT rewards… Any settings wrong?


@steeven @eljuno

Any of you who could help me out?

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