Poor Czech translation in Brave NewTab page

Hello, I want to you draw attention to poor Czech translation of Brave statistics text on NewTab page. “Bandwidth saved” is translated as “Pásmo nastaveno” but this doesn’t make any sense. It’s not even recognizable what should that mean. Also “Sledování & ads blokována” could be translated better as currently used translation isn’t grammatically correct.

Suggested translations:

Trackers & ads blocked = Zablokované sledovací prvky a reklamy (same as in the android Brave app)

Bandwidth saved = *** (Odhadovaná) [it means estimated, it’s not necessary to use this word] ušetřená data. So you could translate it as “Odhadovaná ušetřená data” or as Ušetřená data)

Time saved is translated correctly.

Brave Version: Version 1.34.80

Also if more English > Czech translations are needed, don’t hesitate to contact me!
Thank you for spending time upon my request. Also thank you for making such great browser!

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