Polish translation of the word "tab"

I have noticed that the translation of the word “tab” (at least on Android) has been changed recently in some places.
I find it incorrect and misleading. “New private tab” is now translated as “Nowa zakładka prywanta” but “zakładka” should be used for bookmarks, not tabs. The correct translation should be:
New private tab - Nowa karta prywatna
Close all private tabs - Zamknij wszystkie karty prywatne


Should I fix it and create a pull request?

I suggest that you open an issue for it over here:

Once your issue is recognized as one - ask developers to assign you so you can work on the issue by creating a pull-request.

Alternatively, you could submit your suggestion on Transifex.


I tried joining to the Polish translation team on Transifex but my request has been ignored.
I have submitted an issue on github:

Is there anything else I can do about it?

The only other thing you can do is create a pull request that resolves the issue. I don’t know why no one is paying attention to the issue, it might be worth tagging a couple of team members so your issue is recognized. Try tagging kjozwiak, rebron, and bsclifton on Github, hopefully that will make them recognize the issue.

@kamil @rebron2000 @clifton