Please integrate containers into the "group" feature

Groups are pretty useful. Even though they are not exactly the same as containers (on Firefox you can have multiple containers in one group using the extension “simple tab groups”), it would make groups actually useful.

All Containers do is isolate Cookies, so that you can login to multiple accounts.

This is also useful for privacy: You dont log in while browsing Reddit, Github, e.g. but if you want, you open a Container where you are logged in, and post something.

Containers are one of the only things making people stay with Firefox.

That’s the best feature of Firefox tbh and I miss it a lot on Brave. It’s pretty much the only feature preventing me from deleting firefox.


Wouldn’t the profiles feature do the same thing?

Yes it solves the same problem, but extremely unpractical. You need to sync both profiles (copying data is not that easy, as Braves folders are a complete mess) and then have to open two windows. Imagine that with 5 Profiles at once, not possible.