Question about Vertical tabs,containers and daily users

*I don’t know in which category to put this post because Its not a feature request these features have been requested before Its just questions about them

When will Brave implement vertical tabs this feature has been requested since 2018 and yet nothing is known to this day. Even Edge has vertical tabs, they are not as good as tree style tabs in Firefox or vertical tabs in Vivaldi but they just implemented them and are still in beta… can we hear more about this feature for example around when can we expect this feature?

Containers(By containers I mean something similar to Firefox multi-account container) would be nice to have as well this feature will be harder to implement than vertical tabs but they will be useful as well

I have something else to ask how does brave know how many users are using the browser daily? are those statistics based on users who are have opted in for ads or perhaps browser downloads?

Thank you for taking your time to read my questions(and answer) have a good day!

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