Facebook Container

Please add a tool similar (or better than) the Facebook Container plugin I use in Firefox. (Works by isolating your Facebook identity into a separate container that makes it harder for Facebook to track your visits to other websites with third-party cookies.)


It would be really nice and usefull. It’s one of the primary reasons that keeps me using Firefox along with Brave

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Not just a Facebook container. A container function in general, like what we have in Firefox is much needed.
I know that brave handles privacy very well, but my usecase is different.
I work with data and often have more than one Microsoft accounts open at the same time.
Personal, Customer 1 and Customer 2 in a container for each. The same goes for Google accounts.

Please add this, and I will use Brave even more.

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Ha yes I was about to write a similar question. As much as I think the Brave browser is a wonderful product, I must say that after using Firefox with the containers again for a few days it’s a much better user experience than having different identities in Brave which all require their own instance.