Facebook Container

Please add a tool similar (or better than) the Facebook Container plugin I use in Firefox. (Works by isolating your Facebook identity into a separate container that makes it harder for Facebook to track your visits to other websites with third-party cookies.)


It would be really nice and usefull. It’s one of the primary reasons that keeps me using Firefox along with Brave


Not just a Facebook container. A container function in general, like what we have in Firefox is much needed.
I know that brave handles privacy very well, but my usecase is different.
I work with data and often have more than one Microsoft accounts open at the same time.
Personal, Customer 1 and Customer 2 in a container for each. The same goes for Google accounts.

Please add this, and I will use Brave even more.


Ha yes I was about to write a similar question. As much as I think the Brave browser is a wonderful product, I must say that after using Firefox with the containers again for a few days it’s a much better user experience than having different identities in Brave which all require their own instance.

This is an essential feature of Firefox and the main reason I cannot switch to Brave as my default browser. It’s a must-have for me in terms of privacy and in comfort of use when dealing with multiple accounts for the same service. I really hope to see a similar feature implemented in Brave as there is a lot to it that makes me wish I could fully switch to this browser.


how about instead of Facebook Container… Why don’t they make it for every site, but In fire fox I have had one issue it some times loads pages slower or not at all.

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Hello, my brother told me about the Brave Browser. But without a Container it is not the right browser for me. It would be nice when you make an extension for this :slight_smile: Your Idea to deal with the ad is very cool.

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sessionbox-free-multi-log/megbklhjamjbcafknkgmokldgolkdfig/related?hl=de I have found a extension for the Chrome store.

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thanks. :mask: stay safe, during these times.

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Well said. We need containers across all websites

Having a native container functionality (ie: not an extension) is vital for privacy, which is a part of the spirt of Brave. So I second and third the suggestion and ask that this become a priority.

Facebook is one of the pernicious abusers of people’s content, but they are not alone. It’s time to implement more tools like containers to help us fight back and protect ourselves.