Please I am very worried about my gain from pc browers cause the mensage say that was pay in 09 february but dont appear for me in my uphold wallet

please I put the video for you can see the problem! I dont know more what to do,

I noticed that the button to claim the rewards don’t appear for me

I need help to resolve that!

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Yes, it appears as though Brave has stated they have issued payments and have not actually issued payments to peoples wallets. I have confirmed this with Gemini. They have still not issued a payment that they state they made on February 9th. I as well have this in my summary but absolutely no payment made. Brave has stated on their dashboard they have issued all payments to Gemini. This is NOT the case. I don’t know what’s happened with Brave but their issuance of payments has been lacking since December 2021. Many users are now not receiving their payments. I had to work with quite a few people from Brave, to finally get issued payments I was earned from December as well as January. Now I am missing January earnings which they state were made on February 9th which clearly is not the case. Brave, why are guys stating you’ve issued payments when you have not? Please rectify. We are not clicking on advertisements in your browser every hour for our health… we are clicking on advertisements within your browser so we earn BAT tokens. Thank you. Reach out to steeve in this community on this platform, he should be able to help and if you can get anyone on twitter find a brave person on twitter that can assist. Steeve seems to be very backed up. It may take a week or 2 for him to respond.

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really you had the same problem so there must be many people with the same problem, but I hope they solve it as soon as possible I think these payments should be automatic they should go straight to the wallets.


Oh there are TONS of people who have been experiencing payout issues since the new year. Not sure what they’ve changed but definitely something. I never have issues and have been using Brave since early last year. This is them. Period.

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never experienced this before i use it since almost two years ! look this the uphod and brave always sends emails with my payments and there’s nothing from February 9th

first off, “claim button” will not appear for rewards wallet connected to external custodians like uphold. You have to wait for the admins (or other stuff) to process the transaction…
second, uphold payments are not done yet.

third, rewards payment sometimes encounter problems. I had experienced it last month so I messaged the admins and they manage to fix it after a week… but don’t message them yet now, it may be that yours is still processing in the moment. just give them time. if the status says payment complete, yet you did not received yours then try contacting them…

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Interesting. Yea I’m just annoyed at the fact they they’ve stated 1) they’ve completed all Gemini payments and clearly have not and 2) they state they issued payments on 2/9 and clearly have not. Whatever, they’ll rectify it eventually. Email Steeve on this platform and find a support person on twitter. I find if you complain on twitter they have people planted on twitter to help people. That’s how I got December and January fixed… from a twitter person. Steeve is slow to reply probably has a lot of people with problems on this platform.

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i will try to contact him thanks bro :pray:

i will try to contact him thanks bro :pray: i hope this fix quickly

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