I still have not received my payment!

Hi everyone !!

I have a wallet on the browser “BRAVE” managed by Uphold and I still can not see my earnings on my account Uphold? Can you explain to me why?
Thank you !!!

Hi @Mench59,

Welcome to community, and thank you for posting!

Other users have reported similar behavior and our team is looking into this now. I’ll be in touch with an update as soon asap.

Thanks for your patience here.

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@steeven I think @Mench59 is asking “Why I have BAT in my BR wallet but it’s not reflected in my Uphold account?:grinning:

Your Rewards wallet is not related to your Uphold account. It’s two different wallet.

For now you can hodl your BAT until the 2 ways wallet is implemented. Or use it to support publishers via BR*.

(*) Brave Rewards

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Nope, he might be asking about the payout that happening with many users. Like they didn’t received this months payout yet in linked uphold and then all of a sudden the webpage says pending payout for 8th July which is next month. You can check other related post regarding this issue.


@aadityaraj the first screenshot is from BR panel. :grinning:

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Same issue for me. It looked like it was going to get deposited, but didn’t. I am sure my Uphold is verified. The only thing I haven’t done is deposit some of my own funds into the Uphold wallet to test it. Otherwise, I believe I have done everything any FAQ has suggested if it applied.

I am having the same issue that’s why I understood just by looking at the ss. That doesn’t matter if it’s in brazil as he is using uphold in browser so it might be a translated page.

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