Please Force-Enable Zoom

  1. I really like this help center web app! Is this an open source help desk site builder or did you guys @ Brave build it? I assume the latter, because it’s totally awesome and you don’t normally find open source stuff this über! I wish all Support sites used this software — you should sell it!

  2. Gettin’ down to business:

  • PLEASE allow the user to pinch-zoom the screen on mobile sites that (very very stupidly) instruct the browser not to allow zoom. The iPhone Window/Screen zoom doesn’t fit the bill here, you need to force all web pages into user-pinch-zoom-mode. Almost every other browser out there supports this, why don’t you? I know it’s not trivial to implement (mainly due to the very, very stupid mobile site designers) but please get it working asap. :slight_smile:
  1. WHY did you break screen *audio recording in your latest release?? Prior to this, I could be surfing web pages whilst doing a screen record and the audio playing on the web page itself (not the ambient room sound, the web page audio itself) used to get recorded along with the screen video. Now with this latest version the screen/browser/webpage audio no longer records. Argh! It looks like you switched to Apple’s implementation of WebView and have inherited their very very stupid design decision. Don’t tell me this is a © issue! If I can record the video of a freaking webpage I’m 99.9% on my way to © violation, I don’t need the sound to be in violation. So what’s the use of disabling sound recording (APPLE)??? Brave People: PLEASE get the audio track recording working again (I’m NOT talking about the Mic)!

  2. I assume you’ve seen the “Cake” browser. They have some really cool features in terms of categorizing and navigating search results. It would be cool if you could do stuff like that with Brave.

  3. This is a bug, not a feature request, but sometimes I notice that when I reopen the app after quitting it, one of the tabs (usually the rightmost tab) is empty and history is blown away for that tab. Related bug, Brave grinds to a halt when ~60+ tabs open. It really shouldn’t, idle tabs should be idle, period.

  4. I don’t know how hard this would be, but many desktop sites, especially one’s with videos, do certain things when the mouse hovers over a given section of the page (e.g. when hovering over a video still, the video will start playing in the mini-window it’s framed in). Can you add a Mouse Hover Mode, maybe activating it when the user presses two fingertips close together on the screen, such that when it’s activated, the “mouse” will cause the webpage to behave as if it were a desktop mouse hover and do it’s desktop-mouse-hover thing.

I have more ideas, but that’s all for now. Merry Christmas! And please implement force-enable-zoom asap Santa. :slight_smile:

oh… per above, I FREAKING LOVE this Support Site software, however whilst logging into this support site using the Brave browser, it did not ask me if I wanted to save my password. :frowning: I have Save Logins turned on, so I might assume that in all the HTML 5 wizardry you Grand Wizards have performed to construct this wonderful Help site, you may have broken the pipeline process that would normally kick in to ask the user if they wanted the password saved? Or something of that nature… anyway, no biggie!