Please add a 24 hour clock. Majority of the world uses it

Please add a 24 hour clock. Most of the world uses the 24 hour clock, and almost every important and vital industry uses it (for a reason).

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I second this 100%! It’s really awkward to look at a 12 hour time (without the AM/PM indicator) when it’s not the way time is displayed in the region. Just using the regional settings in the operating system would work fine for me.

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There’s actually a work-around for this if you use english as browser language: In the browser settings, under Languages, add “English (United Kingdom)” and check the “Display Brave in this language” checkbox. Then restart Brave and time should now be in 24 hour format on the new tab page. :slight_smile:

(I still think the regional settings should apply though)


@ jek6094
thanks for your tip

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