Pixel 8 YouTube playback cause extreme heat

Pixel 8 is getting uncomfortably hot while playing YouTube videos on brave browser. I found some old threads of similar issues with other devices but all are closed with no clear fix. I’m up to date on all OS and apps. Even tried the beta brave and getting the same thing. Phone battery can reach 106F. Confirmed YouTube app stays around 86F. Is this a ploy to dissuade users that don’t won’t ads??

@aramirez93 you can’t compare Brave browser to YouTube app. Have you tested on Chrome to see if it happens there?

I also want to point out that your complaint of Pixel 8 running hot has been mentioned by others and there are various solutions. For example, screenshot below of a Reddit post from last month:

You may also want to go through troubleshooting steps such as provided by Google at https://support.google.com/pixelphone/answer/3333708?hl=en

Also the screenshot below from Mashable:

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