Freezing and playback problem

I have a problem after the last couple updates. The browser is constantly freezing and I have to minimize the app and open it again so that it can work again. There is also a problem with youtube playback, the sound goes on but the picture stays frozen. My phone is Redmi 8.

I have installed brave release version and beta. If there is any issue in one version, i usually try the other one. That sort out the issue most of the time. May be a bug or an update with YouTube.
Which version of Brave you are using?
I’m using brave beta 1.22.45 (Pixel 3) and i don’t have any issue.

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Can you please try clearing your cache/browsing data and see if performance improves?

I have tried clearing cache /data and reinstalling the app, but the problem continued. I was using version 1.20.108.
Now I switched to another browser and fortunately I have no problems. I’m hoping that new versions won’t have this kind of problems.

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