PiP Mode, Customisation, Quick Access Apps and Tips

Hellooo :)!

I would like to request a few features.

1.) A picture-in-picture mode. This is great for people with only one screen or multiple screens. It allows you to watch YouTube etc while you are busy doing something else. This is something that is convenient and fun. It also avoids us having to download extensions that may slow down our computers, not work properly or be glitchy or a privacy concern.

2.) Being able to use our pictures for backgrounds and new tab screens. Chrome doesn’t always have good themes. Not only that, but you have to decide between a theme your like or sticking to dark mode etc sometimes. Some themes make the tabs hard to see etc. Using our own pictures allow us some customisation and allows us to stick to dark mode. There is more diversity and most of the time, you prefer your own pictures to some random theme.

3.) Please fix the pixelated speed dial pictures. It is just not aesthetically pleasing :).

4.) Allow WhatsApp to be accessed from the web from the side (like Opera GX does). This allows a quick way for people to access WhatsApp, without having to download it. If there is a button somewhere you can disable etc, it means you can quickly click it and have a small screen for responding to WhatsApps. Same can be done for Spotify, Discord and Twitch.

5.)Lastly, you can add a location customisable weather service (a tiny area that tells you the weather). This is handy because you can keep track of any places’ weather. It doesn’t have to be added though.

I hope to see these features in the future. I am sure there are ways of keeping the privacy and making this work. If you do this, I think you will draw a lot of people from Opera GX or something over to you, especially if you keep the amount of resources it uses to the minimum. The smoother, faster and better the computer runs with Brave, the better it will be for gamers, people that use intense programs and even people with low-cost PCs.

Stay amazing :D!