Pinned Tab does NOT stay pinned after closing or quitting the browser

I’ve noticed that when I select to pin a tab it only stays pinned in my tab bar until I close the window, or quit the browser. Is there any way to keep a tab pinned indefinitely–so it stays pinned for the next time I open the browser either after closing the window or quitting the browser?

I don’t think it does in regular Chrome browser either.

@sffcloud pinned tab is attached to single window. So if you close that window and open a new one, it’ll not remember your pinned tab.

Like @poweruser said, it’s same behavior with Chrome.

IIRC, there’s an issue logged to provide an option for this behavior.

okay, If that’s by design then I’m fine with that…I WOULD prefer it to be persistent–sometimes I just always want a tab open with gmail

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