Pin extension in incognito

I know well how to pin an extension - but in incognito I can’t pin it properly even if the extension is active. What happens is very annoying; clicking the jigsaw puzzle and then clicking the extension (which has a greyed out pin) only “quasi pins” it up in the menu but then one is apparently supposed to only hover to get the extension dropdown. If I click the extension button it instead hides back in the jigsaw menu.
I want it permanently pinned in menu bar.
Help please

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So, do you want different pinned Extensions on your Normal Browser and different one on the Private Tab or you want both of them to be the same?

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Extensions can’t be pinned/unpinned in a private window. Whichever extensions are pinned/unpinned in a regular window will show as pinned/unpinned in a private window, given they’re allowed in private window.

Aaah, thank you for your replies. Yes, what I would want is for a extension to show in Private which is not shown in normal window. IMO it makes sense since I have particular uses for Private vs normal mode so obviously(?) I have different needs in terms of extensions and extension accessibility.

How would I go about to make this as a feature proposal?

Again thank you!

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You have 2 options:

  1. Open a thread in the Brave Feature Requests category →
  2. Open a Github feature request →

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