Show Roboform button

I have the Roboform extension installed on Brave in Windows. I don’t know how to invoke it. Can I get the button to show up similar to the way it does in Chrome? See screenshot.


Hi @blearyeye, Welcome to Community!
I assuming you mean you want to pin the extension
While in Brave, click on the puzzle icon, you should see a list of extensions, when you do click on the pin icon next to the Roboform extension.

Yes, that’s what I wanted, thanks. Had I known that I should search for “pin extension in brave”, I guess I could have found it myself :wink:

There was no puzzle icon showing. I got into extensions and saw Roboform. There was an anonymous button on the lower right and I guessed that it was the pin button. I clicked it and then the puzzle button appeared.

So now to use it, I have to first click puzzle and then click Roboform. That’s one more click than Chrome requires and two more than Firefox (where Roboform floats below the window).

Brevity and economy are good features of UI design, but they can be too much of a good thing. It’s been hard to get started in Brave. A bit more help to a new user, like labeling the pin button on the extensions and having the puzzle icon showing initially would go a long way.

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