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Probably an “unintelligent” question but I added an extension and I can find no way to pin it to extensions shown. I went to brave://extensions/ and it shows enabled but there is no Pin to toolbar option.

Version 1.16.68 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Additional Information:Screenshot from 2021-03-29 09-39-04

In the pic you provided you see the jigsaw puzzle piece type icon at the end of the extensions ! Click on it you will see all the extensions you have and a pin sign next to it. Activate/click on the pin sign next to the extension you want to pin. Hope this help. As far as i could understand your issue this should do it.

image <–this icon btw

I keep confusing the jigsaw icon with the gnome icon for some reason. I knew i was just blinded in some way. Thanks!

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