Pictures in Some Hotmail Emails not Displayed

Some emails I receive that contain pictures (generally sales/marketing ads) do not display the pictures - just a large portion of the email is blank. In cases where the picture is a hyperlink, the mouse pointer does indicate that there is a link, and clicking on it takes you to the target page.

Not all emails have this behavior. For those that do, I have looked at the email via the Chrome browser, and the pictures are displayed.

I am happy to forward an email of each kind (displaying and not displaying pictures) - just let me know what address to forward it to.

Thanks in advance, Dwight

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Further to the above - when I drop the shields on, the pictures are displayed. Unfortunately, so are all of the ads in the right-hand column of the screen :wink:

Sometimes it’s blocked by Brave Shields because it’s loaded from 3rd party source. cc @fanboynz if there’s anything can be done from Brave’s side.

Might depend on email, if its a newsletter/promo/discounter emails. often using ad elements (or even adservers/trackers), which will blocked. Would need details of the email exactly, but this is what I suspect is happening. Its not specifically a hotmail issue.

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