Performance Issues Related to Design?

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I’ve just recently switched to Brave from Chrome and couldn’t help but notice that some of the streaming sites I’ve come to commonly use on Chrome do not stream as efficiently as I’ve become accustomed to one Chrome. In addition because I am one to have at the very least 5 tabs open at all times on my browser, I’ve noticed that quite often I get the spinning rainbow wheel which tells me that the browser is struggling to keep up with the load I’m putting on it. While one might suggest closing a few more tabs…I’m a developer…I use multiple tabs for resource gathering and on the fly reading back and forth. What might be the key reasons for performance issues in Brave as opposed to a Chrome (besides limited development resources)? I’ve noticed that Brave has a tendency to lay low for the most part in CPU usage but then occasionally will spike to high levels, triggering the rainbow wheel. I think I may have a feature request that could potentially help alleviate this, but first I would like to understand the differences in design from Chrome (aside from the obvious like the ad blocker that is built in along with other privacy measures). Would anybody like to help enlighten me?

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I think I’m going to rename this so that it doesn’t get closed right away, because I do want to understand if there are any significant differences from Chrome in terms of design for performance.

I don’t think that the aesthetics effect performance in general with the exception being maybe the new tab page (but that’s an infrastructure choice at the moment).

I think one of the more likely culprits are how we store and retrieve information like bookmarks and session info.

Thankfully we’re changing the bookmarks storage quite soon.

Perhaps we should move this to Developers category because I think you’re wanting to dig more into architecture?

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Indeed I am looking to dig more into the architecture. If we’re going to move this to developers, I guess I might as well ask where I can look to contribute to BAT in any way? Or is that a private matter atm?

I think you are right on the money Alex. From what I am suspecting, just from looking at trimming down a large bookmark file and seeing marked improvements, I think the biggest issue performance wise right now is the memory footprint for Brave. The other aspect I think would benefit performance is more options as to Sync such as every hour, when browser closes, etc. Have not played enough with turning this on and off, but I suspect the periodic spikes in memory CPU I see are sync related. I used to see that with an early version of Xmarks which I used for Mozilla for a long time which had actually been worse.

All an all a promising start