Pending payouts is still the same


Not yet! But we were told this week. The week is young and I’m an optimist!


I have not been paid yet.

Dears, if you have got paid please share here and let us know the payment process has been started.

Thanks all.


@Asad today is the end of the week.

have everyone got paid by the end of today?

I have not got paid yet.


How do I use my uphold account with the new brave browser? I registered sometime ago with the old browser and I had to register as brave publisher, but I don’t know if that still works or I have to do something else to get paid?


@romayj Do you have account on ?



have you paid?


No i think that payday is monday.


I have not been paid yet also.



Dear Asad the week has ended. Would you please let us know why we did not get paid??


@Asad say

‘‘We’re hoping to process late payouts tomorrow or early next week’’


See more here – Quick note on late payouts

Late payouts were delayed til this upcoming week – apologies for the delay! We’re super busy right now patching up a bunch of bugs we caught in the system these last few weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience BIG TIME and as always, feel free to zip me any payment related questions via PM or to my work email


Yes, I have one… I got paid but only once.


Today still pending and no payout. Are payouts maualy started already?


Another thing is my brother install Brave 22.12 on new laptop from my creator link and use it all the time due graeat Brave adbloccker and creators “confirmed” not rise by one in 22.01 so its not working or confirming is also suspend ?



Dear Asad,

Early this week has already past.

Waiting for your update and explanation


Your earnings will be paid out in the next payment cycle after you verify your identity with Uphold. In the meantime, your earnings will still be held safely in your account. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and delays this may cause. Thank you for being a Brave Creator and bearing with us as we improve the integrity of the payout system. Learn more about this new requirement here.

Thank you,

The Brave Rewards Team


you are not verified on uphold. verified peoples did not get this email.

I did not get this email but have not paid yet.


So why verify when verified user dont get payout either ? From mail it look like payout will by until 8 Feb :open_mouth: Its worse Confirming looks like dont work well as I write few post early.



what kind of people you are. all the peoples here are waiting for you and you promises.
end of this week has already past.
I cannot understand why are you lying to us. if your plan is not to pay until next cycle, why are you wasting our times.

Let all peoples know you do not want to do manual payment and only you are wasting time with fucking promises and disappear until next week.

Again you want to say sorry. we are busy and we will do the delayed payment till end of next week. and one more sorry after that for 8 Feb.


Hi there,

All pending payouts for January (for anyone who missed out for the 8th’s payment) will be instead paid out on the February payout date.

Also, please keep your language here respectful. I understand many people are frustrated.